Yoga classes


Bend & Breathe 9:00-10:15AM with Sherrie Erickson


11:00AM -12:00PM Chair Yoga with Sherrie Erickson

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10 Class Punch Card  $130 / Seniors 65 and older $110

Drop In:  $15

Private Session: $60

Group Sessions: Contact me for rates

Please call to drop in or join a class!

Sherrie teaches Rishi Culture Ashtanga Yoga.

*These are the 8 groups of postures and kriyas that we focus on :

  1. Sama Sthiti Group - Standing Postures
  2. Hathena Group -  Conditions the lower, middle, upper and full lung breathing capacity; these are all floor postures with focus on expansion of the chest including backbends.
  3. Loma-Viloma Group - Re-harmonizes the energies of the body; Prana (Loma) the warm, golden masculine flow of energy which relates to the in breath and Apana (Viloma) the cool, silvery, feminine flow of energy which relates to the exhalation.
  4. Hip Loosening Group - floor postures that help and release tightness in the hips.
  5. Floor Group - A combination of backbends, hip opening, shoulder opening and shoulder stand.
  6. Digestive Group - Core strengthening 
  7. Pranayama - Breath control, breathing exercises; we will incorporate pranayama into every class
  8. A General Stretching Routine

The jhattis (loosening postures) will also be practiced every week.